VISVALDIS ZIEDINS  (1942 -2007) rediscovered non-conformist artist during Soviet Latvia times. He lived and worked in Liepāja (USSR Latvia).     education :  From 1959 till 1964 Ziedins attended the Department of Decorative Design at Liepāja School of Applied Art. He did not enter the Latvian Academy of Art because he was confident that the acquired professional foundation is sufficient to devote his further life to creative investigations, independent from the official Soviet art system.   exhibitions:   2019 “Back to the future“, careva gallery  2015 Exhibition and international symposium "Visvaldis Ziedins. Travels in the Imagination." (curators: Eleanor Heartney, Ieva Kalnina), American University Museum in Vashington, in connection with Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  2014 Exhibition "Kustiba. Visvaldis Ziedins”, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia “KUMU” (curator Ieva Kalnina)  2013 Exhibition "Bezdibenis. Visvaldis Ziedins" (curator Ieva Kalnina), Madonas Regional and Art Museum  Exhibition "Bezdibenis. Visvaldis Ziedins" (curator Ieva Kalnina), Cesis Exhibition Hall, in connection with Art Festival of Cesis  2012 Exhibition "Kustiba. Visvaldis Ziedins" (curator Ieva Kalnina–Kulakova), Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art  2009 Exhibition of artworks of Visvaldis Ziedins at gallery of Ivonna Veiherte in Riga  2008 Memorial exhibition of Visvaldis Ziedins “Metamorphosis”, Liepaja Museum  1992 Solo exhibition at Liepaja Latvian Society house  1986 Group show together with the artist Peteris Sidars at the Peter the First house - an affiliate of Liepaja Art and History Museum  1978 Solo exhibition in the studio of Visvaldis Ziedins in Liepaja (during the Art days)  1970 Group show together with the artist Albert Betuzs-Bertuzs in the foyer of State Theatre in Liepaja    After Visvaldis Ziedins died, a surprising quantity of artworks was discovered in his studio at No. 2 Ostas iela in Liepaja: about 3000 drawings, paintings and objects. Moreover, it is known from the artist’s records that he regularly reviewed them and from time to time also destroyed the ones he regarded as failures. This means that he was working on his ‘artifications’ on a daily basis.  Chronologically, the works in Visvaldis Ziedins’ collection span the period from 1958 to 2006. More than a third were created in the 60s. However, some of his work from the 60s has subsequently been reworked or augmented. The 70s were an ebb period in terms of creative energy in Ziedins’ art, when he was only a third as productive as in the previous decade. But the 80s saw a new blossoming of creativity, and this part of the collection corresponds to approximately half the number of works created in the 60s. The fewest works, approximately ten percent of the total, were created in the 90s and at the beginning of the 21st century (extract from “Movement. Visvaldis Ziedins” by Ieva Kulakova, Riga: Galerija 21, 2012)
  IVETA GABALIŅA    Born in 1979, lives and works in Riga.   education:   2013 – 2016 Taik, Master in Photography, University of Art & Design, Helsinki, Finland 2006 – 2008 The arts institute at Bournemouth, BA in Photography    work experience:   2017 – till now, curator of ISSP Gallery 2014 – exhibition “Contemporary Self Portraits”, Tabakas Fabrika, Riga, curator  2014 – till now, curator, ISSP  2013 – Contemporary Self Portraits, workshop together with Marge Monko Arts Academy of Tallinn, Narva, Estonia  2009 – ISSP Summer school tutor together with Alexander Gronsky  2008 – till now, board member of ISSP (International Summer School of Photography), founder and program director of ISSP Skola    solo exhibitions:   2019 “my hand is warmer than the sun“, Careva gallery, Riga, Latvia 2018 “Somewher on disappearing path”, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, US  2017 “Sword Lilies” Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia  2017 “Sword Lilies” Kulturbank, Kjollerfjord, Norway  2017 “Sword Lilies” Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga, Latvia  2016 "Journey to the Nowhere" Iveta Vaivode and Arturs Rinkis, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga, Latvia  2015 and Emanuel Mathias, Goethe Institute Mexico, Mexico  2015 "Somewher on disappearing path", CO Berlin, Berlin, Germany  2014 "Somewher on disappearing path", Riga Photomonth 2014, Riga, Latvia  2011 “OPERA”, Galerija 21, Riga  2010 “Terminus – Iveta Vaivode & Alexander Gronsky”, Fotokvartals gallery, Riga    group exhibitions:   2017 “Circuit”, Helsinki, Finland  2017 “Fotofestiwal Lodz, 2017”, Lodz, Poland  2015 "Latvian Landscape", Šiauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania  2015 Critical Mass, Lishui International Photography Festival, China  2015 Daniel Seiffert and Iveta Vaivode " Retracing Memory", Month of Photography Minsk, CECH Art Space, Minsk, Belarussia  2015 Verzasca Foto Festival, Sonogno, Switzerland  2015 "Ex & Post - Eastern Europe under the lens", Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, Australia  2015 "Photo Festival Gent - 80 days of Summer ", Historische Huizen Gent, Gent, Belgium  2015 "Latvian Landscape" Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia  2014 4th Edition Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore  2014 19th edition of Voices Off Festival, Arles, France  2014 "C/O Talents 2013" Cube, Deutsche Borse AG, Frankfurt, Germany  2014  4th Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism , Hannover, Germany  2009 “Zeitgeist and the atmosphere of a place”, Riga Art Space, Latvia  2008 “Is the medium the message?“, Andrejsala, Latvia  2008 “Freshfaced and wildeyed” – new graduates show, Photographers Gallery, London, UK  2007 Kaunas Photo07, Kaunas, Lithuania  2007 Le Salon Jeune Création Européenne  2007 Teatre de Montrouge, Montrouge, France  2007 “ellipsis” Fda show, London, UK  2007 “AOP Student Awards”, AOP Gallery, London, UK    selected bibliography:   Latvian Landscape, published by KultKom, Riga, Latvia, 2015  C/O Berlin Talents 31: Iveta Vaivode & Jule Hillgärtner, Somewhere on a disappearing path, Kehrer, German/English, 2014  Latvijas Fotogrāfijas gadagrāmata, September, 2013, Latvia  Purvitis Prize, 2012, Riga, Latvia    awards, grants:   2014 Photolucida, Critical Mass Top 50, finalist  2014 CDS Documentary Essay Prize for Photography, winner  2014 Leica Oskar Barnack Award, shortlisted  2014 Sony World Photography Awards, shortlisted for Lifestyle category  2013 Emerging photographers fund, runner up, Burn Magazine  2013 c/o Berlin Talents awards, Berlin  2008 “Nikon Discovery Awards 2008”, London, UK  2008 “PDN Photography Annual 2008”, New York
  IVARS GRAVLEJS   born in 1979 in Riga, now lives and works in Prague   selected solo exhibitons   2018   Outlet, The Mukusala Art Salon, Riga  Shopping Poerty, Gallery Careva Contemporary, Riga  Works and Research, Kaunas Gallery, Kaunas  2017   Still Life, MVT summerhouse Gallery, Riga  2016   Unknown Latvian Photography, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga  Latvia loves me, I love Latvia, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga  Live and Learn, Riga Photography Biennial, urban intervention in Riga  2015  Merry Christmas - Action with A Live Crap, Fotograf Gallery, Prague  A glass of champagne (with Alexandra Nikita Gravlejs), The Solution, Prague  2014   THERE WILL BE DICKS!, Centre for Contemporary Art - FUTURA, Prague  Pop, Gallery 13, Ostrava  Pop, Berlin model, Prague  Irritate, Club Final, Prague  2013   Who's next, Gallery Svetlana, Moscow  Vj Bordel - „Party” as part of the event "Notes of Tukums", Baboon Bar, Tukums  Všechny tadý jsou čuráci!!! (All here are dickheads!!!), Karlin Studios, Prague  Photography Lessons, Fotograf Gallery, Prague  2012   Kinetic sculptures, Fotograf Festival - Off Limits, Holešovice Train Station, Prague  Angle of perception of visual information in contemporary time, (with A.Ter-  Oganian), Gallery Kytka, Prague  Riga, (with P.Pětiletá), Riga ArtSpace, Riga  Riga, (with P.Pětiletá), Karlin Studios, Prague  2011  The Picture, Gallery 207, Prague  Prague Biennale 4th, Tranzitdisplay, Prague  Kurva Fix, (with P.Pětiletá), Gallery Entrance, Prague  Exhibition, Recyclart, Brussels  2010   Early works, Month of Photography, Pálffyho, Bratislava  My newspaper, V8 Gallery, Cologne  Dumpling Heaven, NZM, Prague  The 90's and beyond, Kunsthalle, Erfurt  Oui, Center for contemporary art Oui, Grenoble  GAF (with I.Kitup, A.Tokarev), Paperworks Gallery, Moscow  2009   90's, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga  Early works, Gallery Jeleni, Prague  Shit in art (with A.Ter-Oganian), Gallery 36, Olomouc  See what I see, Gallery Entrance, Prague  My newspaper, Gallery NoD Box, Prague  Forevers, Kino Bio Oko, Prague  2008  FAMU, Project space Canteen, Andrejsala, Riga  Paní Kellerová nemá píču, Okno - NoD.Roxy, Prague  The Medium is the Message 2008, (with A.Ter-Oganian), Ateliér Josefa Sudka,  Prague  2007  Šunkový nářez (with A.Nikitinova), Gallery 35m2, Prague  2006  New wave in photography, Gallery Lumen, Budapest  2005  My potographs, Vitrine on Komunardu Street 22, Prague  My potographs, Gallery Art-Strelka, Moscow  Excuse me, could you please take a picture of me?, I.P.Pavlova, Prague  Photo album, Gallery Velryba, Prague  2004  Photo exhibition, Gallery Forward!, Berlin  Portfolio, Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga     selected group exhibitions   2017   New Acquisitions of the LNMA. The 21st Century, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga  Central by East Central, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok  2016   Performing for the Camera, Tate Modern, London  The Guernsey Photography Festival  Cut with the Kitchen Knife through the Raw Future of 100 Years Before, Fabrica de Pensule, Cluj  2015  The First Book Award, Media Space, London  Trends, Special project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, New Wing of Gogol House, Moscow  Ex & Post - Eastern Europe under the lens, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney  Liturgie, Centre tchèque de Paris, Paris  2014   Food is a central concept, Tranzitdisplay, Prague  Artishok Biennale. A + B = AB2014, Mūkusala Art Salon, Riga  Artbatfest 5, Visual Library, Esentai Mall, Almaty  On the Wave, Riga Art Space, Riga  Things, Design Cloud, Chicago  14th China Pingyao International Photography festival  Viewfinders. Contemporary Baltic and Nordic Photography, Riga ArtSpace, Riga  Side Effects II, Grenoble Ancient Museum and Library building, Grenoble  9th International Biennial of Photography and Visual Arts, Liège  2013  Nothing of the kind, 5th Moscow biennale, Museum of Moscow, Moscow  Side Effects, Contemporary Art Museum Estonia, Tallinn  New Umelec Show, Divus gallery, London  Unceasing, Contemporary Art Centre KIM?, Riga  Cargo Cult, MoBY - Museums of Bat Yam, Bat Yam  2012   And so on and so forth, Contemporary Art Centre KIM?, Riga  Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography, PhotoforumPasquArt, Biel/Bienne  Angry Birds, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw  The Naughty Ones, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga  TEXT= IMAGE, Contemporary Art Centre KIM?, Riga  2011  On.Off, 4th Moscow biennale, Arthouse Squat Forum, Moscow  Hinterhalt, Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund  Distrust of Intelligentsia, Open Gallery, Bratislava  Bread and Salt, Karlin Studios, Prague  Prague Quadrennial, Galerie2, Prague  Transgressions, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia  Foto Festival Uničov, Uničov  Emergency, Art space Loop, Frankfurt, Grenoble, Helsinki, Tallinn, Tartu  NY/PRAGUE 6, Czech Center, New York  2010  World of a Moment, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague  Crash Test, XL Gallery, Moscow  Keine Angst!, Tapetenwerk Halle C, Leipzig  Freedom!, Exhibition of forbidden art, in the flat, Moscow  Tape it!, Center for contemporary art Oui, Grenoble  2009  Artisterium, Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi  8th Funke's Kolin photography festival, D.I.V.O. Institute, Kolin  Survival Kit, Shop Bohemia, Terbatas Street 50, Riga  In Garage, LabGarage, Kiev  The Head, Karlin Studios, Prague  Psychology of the Future, Gallery A.M.180, Prague  2008  Bad Joke, Riga Art Space, Riga  1st Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Winzavod, Moscow  In/visible, Festival of Visual Art, Olomouc  Michel de Certeau, Center for contemporary art Oui, Grenoble  Die Wurst, Gallery Elena Kolbasina, Berlin  2007  Brak, Centre of Contemporary Art M'ARS, Moscow  Mobile museum, Andrejsala, Riga  Normal, Chantier Public, Lyon  2006  Charming nonchalance, Nogallery, Prague  2005   Untitled, Gallery Forward!, Berlin  2004  What is important?, Riga City Municipality, Riga  2003   ART Klazma, Moscow  2002   SEX-Social Exhibitionism, The Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga  2001   J.Kobal Photographic Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London     curated exhibitions   2016   Still life, Photo Club Riga, Gallery SVIT, Prague  Very interesting exhibition by Abstrakcionists, park Stromovka (Šlechtovka), Prague  2015  Color Photography, Lukáš Jasanský & Martin Polák, VEF Culture Palace, Riga  2013  Avdei Ter-Oganian, Museum of Russian futurist, Tranzitdisplay, Prague  Photogram action, Bar Chomsky, Riga  2010  What is Czech art?, (in cooperation with P.Pětiletá), Cultural center Ilguciems, Riga     selected work experience   From 2015   Head of Studio of Photography, Faculty of Fine Arts (FAVU), Brno  2015  Workshop Who decides what is art?, Academy of Performing Arts - FAMU, Prague  2013  Workshop Reconstruction / Interpretation, Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia, Moscow  2012  Lecturer of photography at Riga Stradiņš University, Riga  Workshop Not This Way, Ecole supérieure d'Arts de l'Agglomération d'Annecy  Lecturer of photography at School of Contemporary Art - Scholastika, Prague  2008 - 2012  Lecturer of photography at Liepaja University, Liepaja  2009   Tutor of photography workshop Hide and seek, (in cooperation with C.Laurelli),Muhu  2008 - 2009  Photographer at daily newspaper Deník, Prague  2008  Lecturer of photography at Art Language Factory, Prague  2007   Lecturer of photography at College of Culture, Riga  Tutor of photography workshop Paranormal phenomena at ISSP, Ludza     awards   2010 Photo Sittcomm Award  2007 Josef Sudek Award
  ANNA SALMANE   Lives and works in Riga, Latvia.  Anna Salmane is a visual artist working with installation, photography and video.  She received her Master of Philosophy from University of Latvia (2007) and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2014).  Salmane has been participating in group exhibitions since 2001 and has had solo shows in London, Nottingham and Riga.  In 2017, 'Song' by Anna Salmane, Krišs Salmanis in collaboration with Kristaps Pētersons was awarded  Latvian Contemporary Art Award  Purvīša Balva .   solo&duo shows   2019 ‘‘Plague’’, Careva gallery, Riga, Latvia 2018  'Polysounder' (with artist Krišs Salmanis in collaboration with composer Kristaps Pētersons), Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV 2018  'Rise & Fall' (with artist Patricia Mulligan), Blake College, London, GB 2016  'The Visitors' (with artist Patricia Mulligan), NX Projects, London, GB 2016  'Human / Nature' (with artist Hannah Havana), Back Room, London, GB 2015  'Song' (with artist Krišs Salmanis in collaboration with composer Kristaps Pētersons), Arsenāls Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV 2013  'Pert&Simple' (with artist Holly James), Surface Gallery, Nottingham, GB 2012  'Klaiņa', Office Gallery, Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, LV 2011  'Wanderer', Westbourne Grove Church ArtSpace, London, GB 2008  'Roofs', The Mentzendorff’s House, Riga, LV   selected group shows   2019 ‘The Banality of Death in the Age of Social Media', DeptfordDoesArt, London, GB 2018  Riga in Poetry, Riga Art Space, Riga, LV 2017  Purvītis Prize 2017', Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV 2016  'Invasion Manual', ArtLacuna, London, GB  2016  'East European Light', Tartu Art House, Tartu, EE 2016  'Contemporary Landscape', Old Bewery, Cesis, LV 2014   Artishok Biennale, Mūkusalas Art Gallery, Riga, LV 2014   'Porsche', by National Art Gallery, Vilnius, LT 2013  'Notes of Tukums', Tukums, LV 2013  ©, Frameless Gallery, London, GB 2006  'Timespace', Open-Air Art Museum, Pedvale, LV 2003  'Air Year', Open-Air Art Museum, Pedvale, LV 2002  'Views', Museum “The Mentzendorff’s House”, Riga, LV
  VALERIE SAVCHITS   Born in 1993 in Riga, Latvia, now lives and works in London, UK.   education   2016 Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts, University of Salford, Manchester, UK (First)   selected solo exhibitions   2019  Sensational Reportage , Stour Space, London, UK   2019  There is no analogue, yet there are copies , Careva Gallery, Riga, Latvia   2015  Drowned At Imperfection , Old Pint Pot, Salford, UK     selected group exhibitions   2019 Open Studios Exhibition, ASC Art House, London, UK (Forthcoming)  2019 Guts Gallery Opening Exhibition, Ugly Duck, London, UK   2019 Delphian Gallery Open Call 2019, London, UK   2019 ASC Grand Opening, ASC Art House, London, UK  2018 National Rail: No Boundaries, London King's Cross, UK  2017 Naughty and Nice, Espacio Gallery, London, UK  2017 Unwasted: Disturbed Gravitation, D27, Riga, Latvia  2017 Artigon: Emerge, Stour Space, London, UK  2017 Hotel Elephant & Southwark Council, London, UK  2017 Open Call: Rejected, Bow Arts, London, UK  2016 Bad Art: Touch Me Baby, Bones & Pearl, London, UK  2016 The Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London, UK  2016 Northern Graduates, Curwen Gallery, London, UK  2016 Bad Art 2: 2 Bad, Stour Space, London, UK  2016 Saatchi Screen, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK  2016 Future Late, Tate Modern, London, UK  2016 Tate Modern x Uniqlo 311: London Dreaming, London, UK  2016 Art Degree Show, University of Salford, Salford, UK  2016 20:20 National Print Exchange, Hot Bed Press, UK  2015 All Around Us, The Bureau Arts Centre, Blackburn, UK  2015 Generation Z, Artwork Atelier, Manchester, UK  2015 Knack 90, NinetySquared, Liverpool, UK  2014 Mind Flux, Bankley Studios, Manchester, UK   publications   2019 Diabolical – A Conversation with Valerie Savchits, Delphian Gallery  2018 Artists Embrace Croydon’s Newest Creative Hub, Your Croydon, Issue 82  2018 No Boundaries, National Rail and Railcard  2018 Fresh Talent: Into the Home, The Resident  2018 In The Artist's Studio, Why Not Art  2017 An Explosion of Colours, Hotel Elephant  2017 'My Code' on the back cover of Art Maze Mag, Issue IV  2017 9 Inspiring Artists Share Their Creative Business Challenges, Creative Founders  2017 Blog feature, Cultural Kapital Magazine  2017 Blog feature, A5 Magazine, Issue II  2017 Editorial Selection, Art Maze Magazine, Issue II  2017 Average Art Mag, Issue VII  2017 Studio Visit, Creative Founders  2016 Blog feature, Sukeban Gang Magazine  2016 Recent Graduates' Exhibition, AAF Autumn Collection  2016 Blog feature, Toombes  2016 Students' Work on Show at Tate Modern Relaunch, Manchester Evening News  2016 Salford Students' Work to Feature at Tate Modern, BBC Live  2016 Students' End-Of-Year Artwork, The Guardian  2015 The Skulls Co., Issue I  2014 Bunbury Magazine, Issue V  2014 Neobichnaya vistavka kartin pryamo na ulitsah Staroy Rigi,   awards&prizes   2019   One of five shortlisted artists for Delphian Gallery Open Call 2019, London, UK  2019 ASC Art House First Prize for Best Presented Work, London, UK  2017 Hotel Elephant & Southwark Council's Art & Culture Grant Scheme, London, UK  2016 Salford Support Fund Award, University of Salford, Manchester, UK
  PAULA ZARINA - ZEMANE   Born in Riga, Latvia, 1988   education:   2011- 2013 Art Academy of Latvia, Master of Arts degree in the Humanities, Painting department  2009 - Ecole superieure d'art de Lorient, France  2007 - 2011 Art Academy of Latvia, Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities, Painting department  1995 - 2007 Riga French Lyceum   solo shows:  2018  One as Another , gallery Careva Contemporary, Riga, Latvia  2018  Nature's Soul , gallery Insignia, Cēsis Concert Hall, Cesis, Latvia  2017  The Still Point of the Turning World , ARSENĀLS Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art / Creative Studio, Riga, Latvia  2015  Awarenesses , gallery Māksla XO, Riga, Latvia  2015  The Great Coexistence , Fund's Art Needs Space (Mākslai Vajag Telpu) summerhouse gallery, Riga, Latvia  2015  Episodes , Liepaja's Museum, Liepaja, Latvia  2015  Awarenesses , Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art centre, Daugavpils, Latvia  2013  Hormone of Happiness , gallery Maksla XO, Riga, Latvia   selected sroup exhibitions:   2016  Contemporary Landscape , Old Brewery, Cēsis, Latvia  2015  Tension. The Young in Latvian Painting III , Latvian National Museum of Art, the Arsenals Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia (catalog)  2015 Positions Berlin 2015, represented by gallery Māksla XO, Berlin  2015 Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Cini, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy  2015  Captive Beauty in Miniature , gallery Māksla XO, Riga, Latvia  2013  Myths and Legends of Eastern Europe part 2 , gallery LWW, The Netherlands, Amsterdam  2013  Pink , gallery Maksla XO, Riga, Latvia  2012 JAUNUMS! Fresh Latvian Painting, Tartu Art house, Estonia  2012 fashion and painting exhibition CABARET, Notting Hill Brasserie, London  2012 MIGRATION - exhibition of students and professors of the Art Academy of Latvia, Permanent Represantation of Latvia to the EU, Brussels  2012 International art festival A. Kuindgi memorial, Contemporary Art Center of A. Kuindgi, Art Museum of A. Kuindgi, Gallery Art-Luks, Mariupole, Ukraine  2012 CHA - 2012. Roads & Tracks. Moscow International Art Salon, Moscow, Russia (catalog)  2011  Young People Icons , Gallery Art Promotion02, Germany  2011  Where am I? , The Festival of Winter in Sigulda,Latvia  2010  Urbanchildren. The Young in Latvian Painting II , Latvian National Museum of Art, the Arsenals Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia (catalog)     Other Projects:   2014 Participation in Luciano Benetton project Imago Mundi - Contemporary Artists from Latvia  2014 Participation in drawing and music performance “PoetryButterfly School”,   by CM" DIRECTED  by Varis Klausitajs  2014 Illustrations for a poem   by CM" BOOK  of Benno Poplianski  2013 Visual design (11 paintings) for the music album of the band "The Sound Poets"   residencies:   2014 Cité International des Arts, Paris, France   scholarships:   2011 Ludolfs Liberts's   by CM" FUND  Stipendium for excellent success in artistic education and creative work.