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‘‘Dance till the death’’ art critic Vilnis Vējš…

…reflects on ‘‘The Plague’’ by Anna Salmane.

First solo show in the new space - bears the first critics as well! Thanks! Read the full article:


Baltic tour, April.

Arterritory has made a list of must see exhibitions in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in April. And two of our’s - ‘‘The Plague’’ and ‘'Games that people play’’ are chosen as one of them. See a full list:


Interview with Alise Careva & Anna Salmane

Our founder and dear chief Alise Careva speaking about the gallery and its reopening in Old Riga. And artist Anna Salmane about her solo show as the first solo exhibition here - ‘‘The plague’’.

[Interview in Latvian]


Photos from reopening

As we moved to the new place in the heart of Riga city centre, in Old Riga, Kaļķu iela 24, we did an opening party to celebrate it - together with a solo show ‘‘The plague’’ by artist Anna Salmane and group exhibition ‘‘Games that people play’’.

To have a glimpse of how it went:,_ko_spele_cilveki_atklasana_galerija_careva/?fbclid=IwAR0GDt9M1m69rh8Zou7KFU46ZPXkortj83ivZcIW_MRY4tFl_dOfXt2Xrto


Edgars Gluhovs at Art Los Angeles fair

This year the exhibition ‘‘The Academy’’ was curated by Berlin-based art historian, former gallerist of Gillmeier Rech and curator - Claudia Rech. Read an interview with her :


‘‘Shopping poetry’’ by Ivars Gravlejs

Read an interview with our Shopping poet Ivars Gravlejs, one of the best known Latvian photographers of his time. Talking about exhibition he made at Careva where for the first time Ivars got a chance to exhibit his on going series of ‘‘shopping poetry’’. Interview in Latvian :,_kaut_kads_siers_un_viens_kiploks/?fbclid=IwAR14Id68v8ayLg3h81OeOs34C4Djtw6OLAuPvXX8X5Vpk-H09LkHXuMptOE


Kristaps Ancāns ‘‘For household use’’

This was Kristaps Ancāns [based in London] first solo exhibition in his motherland - Riga. Read an eyewitness reportage from his one man’s show ‘‘For household use’’:


Paula Zariņa -Zēmane

‘‘One as another’’

First time for painter Paula to try her hand in a small scale abstract painting - comparing to her previous canvases. And she won one’s heart - with lightsome traces of portraiture as she said herself ‘‘it’s like entering my previous landscapes’’ - also art critic Vilnis Vējš did catch a charm of those volatile impressions. Read more about his observations here: